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DataType > Number

Data type: Number.

Usage: Between 10 and 100 domains

Instances of Number may appear as values for the following properties
PropertyOn TypesDescription
abortions Person Specifying the number of abortion for a given woman
additionalNumberOfGuests RsvpAction If responding yes, the number of guests who will attend in addition to the invitee.
ageAtEvent Person Specifying the age of the entity when an event occurred
amount DatedMoneySpecification The amount of money.
amountOfThisGood TypeAndQuantityNode The quantity of the goods included in the offer.
apgarScore Newborn Specifying the value of APGAR Score.
atWeeksAmenorrhea MedicalCondition Specifying the weeks of amenorrhoea when an event occurs.
baseSalary JobPosting  or
The base salary of the job or of an employee in an EmployeeRole.
bestRating Rating The highest value allowed in this rating system. If bestRating is omitted, 5 is assumed.
billingIncrement UnitPriceSpecification This property specifies the minimal quantity and rounding increment that will be the basis for the billing. The unit of measurement is specified by the unitCode property.
birthHeight Newborn Specifying a birth weight
birthPercentile Newborn Specifying the birth percentile of a newborn
birthWeight Newborn Specifying birth weight of a newborn
bodyMassIndex Person Indicating the body mass index of a person
bodyVolumeIndex Person Indicating the body volume index of a person
childMaxAge ParentAudience Maximal age of the child.
childMinAge ParentAudience Minimal age of the child.
copyrightYear CreativeWork The year during which the claimed copyright for the CreativeWork was first asserted.
costPerUnit DrugCost The cost per unit of the drug.
discount Order Any discount applied (to an Order).
doseValue DoseSchedule The value of the dose, e.g. 500.
elevation GeoCoordinates  or
The elevation of a location.
gravidity Person Specifying the number of times a woman has been pregnant, regardless of whether the pregnancies were interrupted or resulted in a live birth.
highPrice AggregateOffer The highest price of all offers available.
hipCircumference Person  or
The hip circumference measurement of someone
latitude GeoCoordinates The latitude of a location. For example 37.42242.
longitude GeoCoordinates The longitude of a location. For example -122.08585.
lowPrice AggregateOffer The lowest price of all offers available.
maxPrice PriceSpecification The highest price if the price is a range.
maxValue PropertyValueSpecification  or
PropertyValue  or
The upper value of some characteristic or property.
medicalIdentifier HealthcareProfessional  or
Specifying the identification number of a medical entity like care provider identifier number, patient identifier etc.
minPrice PriceSpecification The lowest price if the price is a range.
minValue PropertyValueSpecification  or
PropertyValue  or
The lower value of some characteristic or property.
numberOfAirbags Vehicle The number or type of airbags in the vehicle.
numberOfAxles Vehicle The number of axles.
Typical unit code(s): C62
numberOfDoors Vehicle The number of doors.
Typical unit code(s): C62
numberOfForwardGears Vehicle The total number of forward gears available for the transmission system of the vehicle.
Typical unit code(s): C62
numberOfPreviousOwners Vehicle The number of owners of the vehicle, including the current one.
Typical unit code(s): C62
numberedPosition OrganizationRole A number associated with a role in an organization, for example, the number on an athlete's jersey.
orderQuantity OrderItem The number of the item ordered. If the property is not set, assume the quantity is one.
parity Person Parity is defined as the number of times that she has given birth to a fetus with a gestational age of 24 weeks or more, regardless of whether the child was born alive or was stillborn.
price TradeAction  or
Offer  or
The offer price of a product, or of a price component when attached to PriceSpecification and its subtypes.

Usage guidelines:
  • Use the priceCurrency property (with ISO 4217 codes e.g. "USD") instead of including ambiguous symbols such as '$' in the value.
  • Use '.' (Unicode 'FULL STOP' (U+002E)) rather than ',' to indicate a decimal point. Avoid using these symbols as a readability separator.
  • Note that both RDFa and Microdata syntax allow the use of a "content=" attribute for publishing simple machine-readable values alongside more human-friendly formatting.
  • Use values from 0123456789 (Unicode 'DIGIT ZERO' (U+0030) to 'DIGIT NINE' (U+0039)) rather than superficially similiar Unicode symbols.
rankOrder MedicalEntity The rank order number of something. Typically used together with 'numerator' and 'denominator'. eg. refill number 4 out of 10.
repetitions ExercisePlan Number of times one should repeat the activity.
screenCount MovieTheater The number of screens in the movie theater.
stageAsNumber MedicalConditionStage The stage represented as a number, e.g. 3.
stepValue PropertyValueSpecification The stepValue attribute indicates the granularity that is expected (and required) of the value in a PropertyValueSpecification.
strengthValue DrugStrength The value of an active ingredient's strength, e.g. 325.
suggestedMaxAge PeopleAudience Maximal age recommended for viewing content.
suggestedMinAge PeopleAudience Minimal age recommended for viewing content.
totalPrice Ticket  or
The total price for the reservation or ticket, including applicable taxes, shipping, etc.
totalValue MedicalEntity Total number of something.
triageScore Patient  or
Specifying the value of a triage score
value PropertyValue  or
The value of the quantitative value or property value node. For QuantitativeValue, the recommended type for values is 'Number'. For PropertyValue, it can be 'Text;', 'Number', 'Boolean', or 'StructuredValue'.
valueMaxLength PropertyValueSpecification Specifies the allowed range for number of characters in a literal value.
valueMinLength PropertyValueSpecification Specifies the minimum allowed range for number of characters in a literal value.
vehicleSeatingCapacity Vehicle The number of passengers that can be seated in the vehicle, both in terms of the physical space available, and in terms of limitations set by law.
Typical unit code(s): C62 for persons
version CreativeWork The version of the CreativeWork embodied by a specified resource.
waistCircumference Person  or
The waist circumference measurement of someone
waistHipRatio Person  or
The waist hip ratio measurement of someone
worstRating Rating The lowest value allowed in this rating system. If worstRating is omitted, 1 is assumed.

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