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Defined in the health.schema.org extension. (This is an initial exploratory release.)
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Thing > Intangible > Audience > MedicalAudience > Patient

A patient is any person recipient of health care services.

Usage: Fewer than 10 domains
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from Patient
admissionDate DateTime Specifying a medical admission date
adverseDrugEvent AdverseDrugReaction Adverse drug events (ADEs) are defined as any injuries resulting from medication use, including physical harm, mental harm, or loss of function. ADEs, compared to medication errors, are a more direct measure of patient harm.
adverseEvent AdverseEvent Any unfavorable and unintended sign including an abnormal laboratory finding, symptom or disease associated with the use of a medical treatment or procedure, regardless of whether it is considered related to the medical treatment or procedure, that occurs during the course of the study (Stony Brook Medicine, NIH).
allergy Allergy Specifying an allergic reaction, an hypersensitivity or disorder.
careLocation Place  or
MedicalDepartment  or
MedicalUnit  or
Specifying a location or a place where the care event is taking place
careProvider HealthcareProfessional  or
Place  or
Specifying a person, medical organization, or unit care-provider for any health care services
careReason MedicalIndication Specifying a reason for a caring event(typically a medical condition or other medical encounter reasons)
caringEvent CaringEvent Specifying an event wherein services are rendered by members of the health profession (or under their supervision) for the benefit of the patient.
chiefComplaint ChiefComplaint Specifying a chief complaint resource
clinicalDocument ClinicalDocument Specifying any clinical document
clinicalFinding ClinicalFinding Specifying a clinical finding of a patient through a formal clinical examination. example: Body temperature, etc
comorbidity MedicalCondition Specifying a health disorder simultaneously but independently existing with another health disorder in a human.
diagnosis MedicalCondition One or more alternative conditions considered in the differential diagnosis process as output of a diagnosis process.
diagnosticProcedure DiagnosticProcedure Specifying the diagnostic procedure resource for a patient or a person.
dischargeDate DateTime Specifying a medical discharge date for a patient
drug Drug Specifying a drug or medicine used in a medication procedure
drugAdministrated Drug Medication administrated not taking into account the quantity really taken by the patient f.eg. when some quantity may be vomitted
drugAdministration DrugAdministration Indicating the medication administration i.e.oral, injection etc.
drugDispensator HealthcareProfessional Health care professional entitled to deliver drugs on prescription to the end-consumer (pharmacist).
drugDispense DrugDispense Specifying an drug dispense event i.e the event of delivering the drug to the patient at pharmacy. This is different to the drug administration
encounterReason MedicalIndication  or
specifying the reason or indication for a patient medical encounter
examination MedicalTest Specifying an examination procedure in general performed on something or on a patient.
foodIntolerance FoodIntolerance Food intolerance or non-allergic food hypersensitivity is a term used widely for varied physiological responses associated with a particular food, or compound found in a range of foods.
healthFacility HealthFacility Specifying a health facility where care is being given.
historyOfPresentIllness HistoryOfPresentIllness The history of the present illness.
insurance Offer Specifying an insurance scheme for a patient.
laboratoryProcedure LaboratoryTest Specifying a laboratory procedure resource for a patient or a person.
laboratoryResult LaboratoryResult Specifying the laboratory test findings for a person
lifeEvent LifeEvent Specifying an event in person's life time line
medicalBed MedicalBed Specifying the medical bed attended by a patient.
medicalCase MedicalCase Specifying a medical case for a given medical entity or patient. A medical case or medical file is a part or a full medical record of a patient.
medicalCertificate MedicalCertificate Specifying any medical certificate
medicalClinic MedicalClinic Specifying the medical clinic where a procedure or a care event is taking place or attended by a patient.
medicalCondition MorbidityEvent  or
Specifying a medical condition in general, diagnosed or not.
medicalDepartment MedicalDepartment Specifying the medical department where a procedure or a care event is taking place or attended by a patient.
medicalDischarge MedicalDischarge specifying a medical discharge procedure resource of a patient
medicalIntervention MedicalIntervention Specifying the medical intervention resource for the patient or person. Medical intervention is a broad non specific term often used as a set of multiple procedures.
medicalLetter ClinicalDocument Specifying any medical letter
medicalOrder MedicalOrder Specifying any medical order
medicalPrescription MedicalPrescription Linking a patient with his medical order (=written prescription) for the patient Eg. hasPrescription or gotPrescribed. For the provider we use the property prescribingProcedure.
medicalProcedure MedicalProcedure Specifying the medical procedure resource of the patient or person.
medicalRecord MedicalRecord Specifying a medical record for a given medical entity or patient.
medicalReport MedicalRecord  or
Specifying any medical report
medicalRequest MedicalRequest Specifying any medical request
medicalRoom MedicalRoom Specifying the medical room where a procedure or a care event is taking place or attended by a patient.
medicalSign Specifying a sign resource
medicalSymptom MedicalSymptom Specifying a symptom resource
medicalUnit MedicalUnit Specifying the medical department unit where a procedure or a care event is taking place or attended by a patient.
medicalWard MedicalWard Specifying the medical ward (a set of rooms) where a procedure or a care event is taking place or attended by a patient.
medicationProcedure MedicalTherapy Specifying a medication procedure resource for a patient or a person
observable MedicalObservable Specifying a medical observable of a patient or a medical entity
palliativeProcedure PalliativeProcedure Specifying a palliative procedure resource for a patient or a person
patientCode Text Specifying a patient code. Used in general cross-hospitals
patientID Text Specifying a digit ID for the patient within a healthcare facility. Therefore a patient can have multiple ID specific to each hospitals
physicalExamination PhysicalExam Specifying a physical examination procedure resource for a patient or a person
prescribingProcedure PrescribingProcedure Specifying a prescribing procedure resource for a patient or a person. This property is linking a patient or a provider to the procedure. The procedure has as an output a prescription.
preventiveProcedure PreventiveProcedure Specifying any preventive procedure resource for a person
recommendedTreatment Drug  or
Specifying a recommended treatment of a given patient (like pediatric person) or a medical condition.
referredBy HealthFacility  or
Specifying a referrer for a patient in general, but can be applied to other medical entities
referringPhysician HealthcareProfessional A healthcare provider referring a patient to another healthcare provider.
refill Refill Specifying the history or plan of refills that can be done before a new prescription is needed, related to a given prescription.
surgicalProcedure SurgicalProcedure Specifying a surgical procedure resource for a patient or a person
systemicReview SystemicReview Specifying a systemic review resource as a part of anamnesis
treatingPhysician HealthcareProfessional Specifying a specific physician assigned to the patient as specific or individual healthcare provider.
treatment Drug  or
Specifying a treatment or management or therapeutic procedures for a disorder or a patient
triageProcedure MedicalTriage Specifying a triage procedure resource
triageScore Number Specifying the value of a triage score
vitalSign VitalSign Specifying the vital sign of a person
Properties from PeopleAudience
healthCondition MedicalCondition Expectations for health conditions of target audience.
requiredGender Text Audiences defined by a person's gender.
requiredMaxAge Integer Audiences defined by a person's maximum age.
requiredMinAge Integer Audiences defined by a person's minimum age.
suggestedGender Text The gender of the person or audience.
suggestedMaxAge Number Maximal age recommended for viewing content.
suggestedMinAge Number Minimal age recommended for viewing content.
Properties from Audience
audienceType Text The target group associated with a given audience (e.g. veterans, car owners, musicians, etc.).
geographicArea AdministrativeArea The geographic area associated with the audience.
Properties from Enumeration
supersededBy Property  or
Enumeration  or
Relates a term (i.e. a property, class or enumeration) to one that supersedes it.
Properties from Person
abortions Number Specifying the number of abortion for a given woman
aboutRelative FamilyPerson Specifying a relative who is concerned by something. i.e medical history about XY relative.
additionalName Text An additional name for a Person, can be used for a middle name.
address PostalAddress Physical address of the item.
adulthoodHistory AdulthoodHistory Specifying an adulthood description of someone
affiliation Organization An organization that this person is affiliated with. For example, a school/university, a club, or a team.
ageAtEvent Number  or
Specifying the age of the entity when an event occurred
alcoholIntake AlcoholIntake Specifying a alcohol intake behaviour description of a person.
allergen Allergen Specifying something that can cause an allergic reaction.
alumniOf EducationalOrganization An educational organizations that the person is an alumni of.
Inverse property: alumni.
anamnesisProcedure AnamnesisProcedure Specifying the anamnesis procedure resource for a patient or a person.
anatomicalOrgan AnatomicalOrgan Specifying the anatomical organ for a resource
anatomicalRegion AnatomicalRegion Specifying the anatomical region for a resource
anatomicalStructure AnatomicalStructure Specifying the anatomical structure for a resource
anatomicalSystem AnatomicalSystem Specifying the anatomical system for a resource
arterialPulse Pulse Specifying the regularly recurrent wave of distension in arteries that results from the progress through an artery of blood injected into the arterial system at each contraction of the ventricles of the heart
award Text An award won by or for this item. Supersedes awards.
birthDate Date Date of birth.
birthPlace Place The place where the person was born.
bloodGroup BloodGroup Specifying the type of ABO blood group for a person, i.e type of human blood based on presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells.
bloodGroupSystem BloodGroupSystem  Indicating the blood group system of a person or a medical specimen.
bloodPressure BloodPressure Specifying the blood pressure resource of a patient
bodyMassIndex Number  or
Indicating the body mass index of a person
bodyVolumeIndex Number  or
Indicating the body volume index of a person
brand Brand  or
The brand(s) associated with a product or service, or the brand(s) maintained by an organization or business person.
childhoodHistory ChildhoodHistory Specifying a resource describing the childhood history of a patient or a person
children Person A child of the person.
colleague Person A colleague of the person. Supersedes colleagues.
contactPoint ContactPoint A contact point for a person or organization. Supersedes contactPoints.
cosmeticProcedure MedicalProcedure Specifying a cosmetic procedure resource for a patient or a person
deathDate Date Date of death.
deathPlace Place The place where the person died.
diastolicBloodPressure DiastolicBloodPressure Specifying a diastolic arterial blood pressure of a patient.
duns Text The Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number for identifying an organization or business person.
educationLevel EducationLevel Specifying the education level of the person
elderhoodHistory Elderhood specifying the elderhood history of someone
electiveProcedure ElectiveProcedure Specifying the elective procedure resource for a patient or a person.
email Text Email address.
ethnicity Ethnicity Specifying the ethnicity resource of someone. Ethnicity or ethnic group is a socially defined category of people. Race and Ethnicity as well as religious beliefs are in most cases not given in EHR, and collecting this info is often seen as illegal. Please check local regulations before using this property
familyMedicalHistory FamilyMedicalHistory Specifying a personal history as a part of a full medical history provided by the patient during an anamnesis procedure .
familyMember Person Specifying a family member for this person
familyName Text Family name. In the U.S., the last name of an Person. This can be used along with givenName instead of the name property.
familyRelationship FamilyRelation Specifying a relationship between persons. Typically between persons uses the 'American Kinship terminology'.
father Person Specifying a father (parent) of this person when no other specifications are given.
faxNumber Text The fax number.
follows Person The most generic uni-directional social relation.
gender Text Gender of the person.
givenName Text Given name. In the U.S., the first name of a Person. This can be used along with familyName instead of the name property.
globalLocationNumber Text The Global Location Number (GLN, sometimes also referred to as International Location Number or ILN) of the respective organization, person, or place. The GLN is a 13-digit number used to identify parties and physical locations.
gravidity Number Specifying the number of times a woman has been pregnant, regardless of whether the pregnancies were interrupted or resulted in a live birth.
guarantor Organization  or
Specifying a person or company , known as guarantor, offering insurance policies in return for premiums
gynObsHistory GynObsHistory Specifying the gynaecology-obstetric history of a patient
hasPOS Place Points-of-Sales operated by the organization or person.
height QuantitativeValue  or
The height of the item.
hipCircumference Number  or
The hip circumference measurement of someone
homeLocation ContactPoint  or
A contact location for a person's residence.
honorificPrefix Text An honorific prefix preceding a Person's name such as Dr/Mrs/Mr.
honorificSuffix Text An honorific suffix preceding a Person's name such as M.D. /PhD/MSCSW.
isicV4 Text The International Standard of Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC), Revision 4 code for a particular organization, business person, or place.
jobTitle Text The job title of the person (for example, Financial Manager).
knows Person The most generic bi-directional social/work relation.
lastMenstruationPeriod QuantitativeValue Specifying the last menstruation period of a woman
lifestyleOrHabit LifestyleOrHabits describing the lifestyles or habits of the person
makesOffer Offer A pointer to products or services offered by the organization or person.
maritalStatus Enumeration  or
An administrative social status of a person qualifying its partnership relations.
maternalRelative Person Specifying the maternal relative person of this person
medicalAdmission AdmissionProcedure Specifying admission procedure related to a resource, activity, another procedure, or patient
medicalEncounter MedicalEncounter Specifying a medical encounter between the patient and a healthcare provider.
medicalHistory MedicalHistory Specifying a full medical history provided by the patient during an anamnesis procedure .
medicalIdentifier Number  or
Text  or
Specifying the identification number of a medical entity like care provider identifier number, patient identifier etc.
medicalPriority Text Indicating the medical priority status of a planned activity or medical procedure
medicalSpecimen MedicalSpecimen Specifying a medical specimen resource for a person
medicalSubSpecialty MedicalSubSpeciality Specifying the medical sub-specialty of a healthcare provider
medicalTransfer MedicalTransfer Specifying a medical transfer event of patient from one place in a health care environment to another
memberOf Organization  or
An Organization (or ProgramMembership) to which this Person or Organization belongs.
Inverse property: member.
menopause Menopause Specifying the menopause event of a women
menstruation Menstruation Specifying the menstruation event of a women
menstruationPeriod QuantitativeValue Specifying the menstruation period description event of a women
mentalHealthHistory MentalHealthHistory Specifying the mental health history for a patient
mother Person Specifying a mother (parent) of this person when no other specifications are given.
naics Text The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for a particular organization or business person.
nationality Country Nationality of the person.
netWorth PriceSpecification The total financial value of the organization or person as calculated by subtracting assets from liabilities.
newborn Newborn Specifying the newborn person
occupationalHistory OccupationalHistory Specifying the occupational history resource of the patient or person.
owns Product  or
Products owned by the organization or person.
parent Person A parent of this person. Supersedes parents.
parity Number Parity is defined as the number of times that she has given birth to a fetus with a gestational age of 24 weeks or more, regardless of whether the child was born alive or was stillborn.
pastMedicalHistory PastMedicalHistory Specifying the past medical history of a patient
paternalRelative Person Specifying the a paternal relative person of this person
performerIn Event Event that this person is a performer or participant in.
personalHistory PersonalHistory  specifying a personal history provided by the patient during an anamnesis procedure .
physicalActivity RecreationalHistory  or
Specifying the physical activity resource of the patient or person.
pregnancy Gravidity Specifying the resource as the pregnancy event or period related to the patient not differentiating if the pregnancy gave a birth or not. Should be noted that gravidity property is a data property instead.
race Race Specifying a race group or anthropological family as origin of the person. Race and Ethnicity as well as religious beliefs are in most cases not given in EHR, and collecting this info is often seen as illegal. Please check local regulations before using this property
relatedTo Person The most generic familial relation.
religionGroup ReligionGroup Specifying a religion group of person.
religiousBelief ReligiousBelief Specifying the religion beliefs of a person. Someone can have multiple religion beliefs.
residenceHistory ResidenceHistory Specifying the residence history resource of the patient or person.
residentialStatus EventStatusType  or
Specifying the act of dwelling in a place. This status is linked to an address and period of the time
seeks Demand A pointer to products or services sought by the organization or person (demand).
sexualBehaviour SexualBehaviour Specifying the sexual behaviour resource of a patient
sibling Person A sibling of the person. Supersedes siblings.
smoking Smoking Describing the smoking habit resource for the patient
socialHistory SocialHistory Specifying the social history resource of the patient or person.
spouse Person The person's spouse.
systolicBloodPressure SystolicBloodPressure Specifying systolic arterial blood pressure of a patient.
taxID Text The Tax / Fiscal ID of the organization or person, e.g. the TIN in the US or the CIF/NIF in Spain.
telephone Text The telephone number.
therapeuticProcedure TherapeuticProcedure Specifying the therapeutic procedure resource for a patient or a person.
transferDate DateTime Specifying the medical transfer date for a patient
useOfSubstance UseOfSubstance Describing the substance use or abuse resource of the person
vaccination Vaccination Specifying a vaccination procedure resource
vatID Text The Value-added Tax ID of the organization or person.
waistCircumference Number  or
The waist circumference measurement of someone
waistHipRatio Number The waist hip ratio measurement of someone
weight QuantitativeValue The weight of the product or person.
workLocation ContactPoint  or
A contact location for a person's place of work.
worksFor Organization Organizations that the person works for.
Properties from Thing
additionalType URL An additional type for the item, typically used for adding more specific types from external vocabularies in microdata syntax. This is a relationship between something and a class that the thing is in. In RDFa syntax, it is better to use the native RDFa syntax - the 'typeof' attribute - for multiple types. Schema.org tools may have only weaker understanding of extra types, in particular those defined externally.
alternateName Text An alias for the item.
description Text A short description of the item.
image ImageObject  or
An image of the item. This can be a URL or a fully described ImageObject.
mainEntityOfPage CreativeWork  or
Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described.

See background notes for details.
Inverse property: mainEntity.
name Text The name of the item.
potentialAction Action Indicates a potential Action, which describes an idealized action in which this thing would play an 'object' role.
sameAs URL URL of a reference Web page that unambiguously indicates the item's identity. E.g. the URL of the item's Wikipedia page, Freebase page, or official website.
url URL URL of the item.

Instances of Patient may appear as values for the following properties
PropertyOn TypesDescription
caredPerson HealthcareProfessional  or
Specifying a person (typically a patient) receiving services from the health care professional during a caring event.

Schema Version 2.1